Founded in late 2022, JONES WEST is a sustainable, inclusive hair accessory brand, consciously curated, in classic, seasonless colour-ways. We are a small, female owned business located in the Gold Coast, Australia. Established from a desire to cater to ALL hair types, we take incredible pride in having a product for everyone.

Jemma, our founder, felt there was a missing piece in the hair accessory industry, particularly in Australia, New Zealand & United States. She conducted extensive market research and discovered a common issue. Many women could not find a claw clip suited to their hair. This is where JONES WEST was born.

Jemma began the journey to find a supplier that would work with her to design and create the biggest and most inclusive clip the hair industry has ever seen. This process was difficult, with almost all immediately turning her away as there “was not a demand”. Except for one. She finally found a supplier willing to create a new, never been done before size and design. This sampling process took 12 months to perfect, however, Jemma knew this was the next step towards inclusivity in the industry.

Our goal is to assist you in creating a responsible yet seasonless accessory inventory, which make you feel just a good as you look.


We are committed to sustainability, which means we will forever be as conscious as possible with our production, distribution and packaging of our products.

JONES WEST will only release small drops at a time, in limited, but classic colour-ways. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices, setting us apart from industry trends and overconsumption culture.

Our unwavering ethos prioritizes environmental kindness, ensuring that we remain dedicated to the well-being of our planet. In doing so, we create exceptional quality products without compromising our values, proving that excellence and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously in every facet of our brand.

For us, sustainability is the number one aspect to have in mind when working with accessory production. We create products with a timeless design, that will never go out of style, in high-quality materials that are durable, and as kind as possible to our planet.


  • Our products are made of Cellulose Acetate, from plant derivatives such as wood pulp and cotton fibres, as opposed to traditional plastic.
  • Our packaging is made from 100% recycled, biodegradable, renewable or compostable materials. Our shipping boxes are Australian made, PEFC certified, and printed with non-toxic inks.
  • Our premium bags are made from 100% cotton instead of polyester.
  • We use non-toxic, water based glue for our tape & shipping labels.
  • We only produce in small drops, in limited, classic colour-ways.
  • Any product that does not meet our rigorous quality assurance standards undergoes a thoughtful process: it's either made available at a discounted price or donated to a charity/shelter. This approach minimizes wastage and actively prevents overconsumption.


We abstain from retouching any model photos featured on our website or social media. Our images are unaltered, coming directly from the camera to your screen.

We take pride in fostering a positive future for the industry and aim to set a precedent for other brands. Embracing the perfect imperfections of both our models and customers is what makes each individual unique, and we believe in celebrating the authenticity that makes you, you.


Thank you.

What was once merely a concept in my mind has transformed into a tangible reality, all because of your contribution.

Owning a business and developing a product that not only fulfills a need but also solves a problem for people and communities often overlooked has always been a dream of mine. My passion for my brand is unwavering, and I am dedicated to making inclusivity and sustainability the prevailing standard.

Your presence on this journey is invaluable, and I am sincerely grateful. From the depths of my heart, thank you. As we move forward, know that I am committed to continuing the journey of creating innovative products, always with you in mind.

With love,